What is a Part-Time Nanny?

Part-time nannies are hired by parents to provide childcare for their children in the family’s private residence for between one and 34 hours per week. Although the U.S. Department of Labor defines full-time status as working 35 or more hours per week, most full-time nannies work between 40 to 60 hours per week.

Like their full-time counterparts, part-time nannies are responsible for the complete care of the family’s children during their working hours. Part-time nannies are responsible for creating a safe and nurturing environment for the children in their care and are concerned with the physical, social, intellectual and emotional needs of the children.

Part-time nannies prepare nutritious meals and snacks for the children, ensure that the children are dressed appropriately, bathe the children, as well as discipline the children when appropriate. Part-time nannies make everyday childrearing decisions based on the parenting philosophy of their employers. Depending on the age of the children part-time nannies may transport them to and from school and activities, take part in carpools and assist with homework. Part-time nannies also provide age-appropriate activities for the children that foster intellectual and social growth and development.

While the job description of each part-time nanny may vary based on the family’s care needs, part-time nannies typically do the children’s laundry, keep the children’s areas neat and clean and ensure that they pick up after themselves and the children.

Why Part-Time Nannies Are Essential

For many families, finding part-time childcare is essential. Whether it’s a regular caregiver that comes over so that the parents can have a weekly date night or a daily provider that fills the gap between the hours when school ends and the parents come home from work, part-time childcare is a necessity for many American families.

Since many parents work non-traditional hours, they can easily secure childcare during the daytime hours but finding childcare for evenings and weekends proves challenging. For parents who travel, finding a trusted caregiver to spend the night and care for the children can also be problematic.

For families who require temporary, short-term, back-up care and care for less than 35 hours per week, a part-time nanny can be the perfect solution.

For students pursuing early childhood education or for nannies who are looking to take on extra work or are willing to work for two families, part-time nanny employment can be a viable way to earn an income.

The Importance of Quality Care

Regardless of how many hours a nanny works, any caregivers that provides childcare for any length of time should be properly screened and vetted.

While it can be tempting to reason that a part-time nanny need not undergo a rigorous interview and background check since her time with the children is limited, this thought should be immediately disregarded.

Part-time nannies should have the appropriate level of experience and education required for the job and their skill set should allow them to seamlessly meet the care needs of the family. They should also be qualified to provide care, have good judgment and be trustworthy, reliable and dependable.

When it comes to childcare, all children should receive high level childcare, whether it’s for a few hours per week or 10 to 12 hours per day or more.

What Type of Jobs Do Part-Time Nannies Have?

In addition to standard, traditional part-time nanny jobs where a nanny works for one family less than 35 hours per week, there are additional types of specialty nanny positions that part-time nannies seek.

Short-Term Part-Time Care. Parents who require short-term childcare, perhaps during school breaks or when a new baby is born, may seek a part-time nanny to provide childcare coverage for a short, specified period of time.

Back-Up Care. Parents who have regular childcare coverage may seek a part-time nanny to provide back-up coverage for when the child or provider is ill or when the usual provider is unable to provide childcare services.  

Emergency Care. Parents who need childcare on short notice may seek a part-time nanny to provide emergency childcare services.

Before and After School Care. For many parents the gap of time between when their workday and their child’s school or daycare day starts and between when their child’s school or daycare day and their workday ends can be extremely problematic. Parents often seek to employ a part-time nanny for a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the afternoon to solve this common childcare dilemma.

Nanny Share Care. Parents who need part-time childcare may opt to find another family to share a full-time nanny with. Nannies in their arrangement have the benefit of being employed full-time between both families.

Looking for a Part-Time Nanny Job or to Hire a Part-Time Nanny?

Since many traditional nanny placement agencies only work with parents and nannies looking for a full-time nanny arrangement, online nanny recruiting sites have become the best source for finding part-time nanny employment arrangements.

eNannySource.com has been helping nannies and families connect since 2001. Since then, eNannySource.com has connected over 450,000 nannies and families.

NannyPro.com was established in 2009 and has helped thousands and nannies and families find their right employment match.

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