10 iPhone Apps to Keep Track of What You Like and What You Don’t

Whether you’re just trying to keep up with your opinions for your own purposes or are looking to share them with the world at large, the same device that helps you streamline your professional life and manage a variety of business tasks can help you log your likes and dislikes as well. These 10 apps can help you store and share your opinion on anything you can think of.

  1. I Loves It! – The developers of this free app encourage users to skip sharing things that they like, saving their energy for things that they love. Users can share pictures of the things that they “Loves,” add a short description and send it to anyone on their contacts list. Recipients of information about the things that you Loves don’t have to download the app to see your alerts, and you can keep track of those things you’re fond of by looking through your logged Loves history.
  2. Thumbs Up App – Television enthusiasts rejoice, there’s finally an app for you to share your real-time reactions and opinions about the shows of your choice! Free from developers Fluid Life, Inc., the Thumbs Up app allows you to share your reactions and keep track of everything you liked or didn’t like about each episode of your favorite shows.
  3. Untappd – Are you a craft beer lover? If so, this free app is for you. After helping you find the bars and stores that sell craft beers in your area, review information about beers that are trending and see what your friends think about the beers they’ve recently tried, Untappd lets you track, rate and even photograph beers as you try them. Earn badges as you let the world know which beers you like and which you don’t!
  4. Yelp – Not only can you search for businesses in your area with the free Yelp app, you can also let the world know whether you liked them or not. Leave reviews for stellar service, record a negative experience and keep track of all your local likes and dislikes!
  5. We Heart It – If you want to curate inspiration boards and galleries with images of the things that you like, this free app is for you. Integration with Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter allows you to share your love of something with all of your followers, while organization features help you group images by theme or subject so you can always keep up with the things that you’re loving.
  6. Momento – Sometimes, you need the freedom of a diary or journaling app to truly capture your feelings of approval or disdain. This $0.99 app allows you to do just that, maintaining a diary filled with your various likes and dislikes. You can even import and archive your online activity to display as part of a journal entry.
  7. Dislike It! – Facebook might be one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, but it still only allows you to “like” things. With this free app, you can take pictures and upload them with a “dislike” badge, letting everyone on your friends list know exactly how you feel about something.
  8. Goodreads – Avid readers can now update their Goodreads accounts on the go, sharing your literary likes and dislikes from anywhere that has an Internet connection. You can even add books to your list with a barcode scanning feature, uploading your opinions quickly and easily.
  9. Evernote – If you need to keep tabs on things that you or someone important to you like or aren’t so wild about, the free Evernote app will let you do just that. You can even collect notes into customizable categories, keeping the information at the tips of your fingers for quick reference.
  10. Pinterest – Find things that you like and add them to your Pinterest boards, or file images depicting things that you aren’t so fond of to a customized board. You can even pin from your camera, allowing you to snap photos of things as you experience them, sharing your opinions with the world and keeping tabs on them for later reference.

If one of the things that you don’t like is risky behavior or chancing a pricey citation, you’ll remember not to use these apps while you’re behind the wheel. Even if you feel your dislike of something is so strong that a sternly-worded review needs to be fired off immediately, you should keep in mind that your safety and that of other drivers on the roads trumps even the worst service.

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