10 iPhone Apps to Manage Your Kids After School Schedules

Once your kids get out of school, your day as a parent has only just begun. They still have homework, sports and chores to contend with, and it’s your job to keep track of all those activities. The iPhone is not a replacement parent by any stretch of the imagination, but it can act as a great tool to help you juggle after school activities. These 10 apps are perfect for creating, organizing and tracking after school activities for your kids.

  • Cozi Family Organizer – This app has everything a parent could need, from a family calendar and journal to shopping and to-do lists. By way of the app website, Cozi Family Organizer lets you or your family gain access to your lists and schedules from any mobile device or computer. Free apps don’t come much better than this.
  • Easy Calendar – Quick access and ease of use are the best features of Easy Calendar. Simple tap and swipe actions allow you to create, edit and check all your events and activities. For those times when the kids are biting at your heels, Easy Calendar gives you the answers you need in no time at all. For $1.99 you also get some of the most extensive integration features available on any app.
  • Skedi Lite – The cloud helps you plan, create and delegate any kind of family event with Skedi Lite. You can allow anybody access to your Skedi schedules, which means that the babysitters, your kids and other family members are always kept in the loop. The Lite version of the app costs $3.99, however you can upgrade to the full version for $9.99. The premium version includes more in-depth features, such as synchronization with external calendars.
  • Family Wall – Social media exclusively for members, Family Wall is like your very own private newsfeed. Everyone can keep track of each other through the Family Location feature. Family messaging will ensure that you can always keep in touch. And when there is something that your kids need to do, Family Events & To-Dos are on hand to keep everyone on track. This app is free, so check it out on the app store today.
  • Pocket Informant – No matter what the activity, Pocket Informant provides an intelligent way to get your kids there on time. The app reads your to-do list and provides directions to recognized locations. Pocket Informant also has a complex feature that allows you to create reminders for activities using your own specifications, even if that means every second weekend. This version of the app is $3.99.
  • Organizer To-Do – There are just not enough spaces on a paper calendar, and sadly the same is true of most organizer apps. Unlike those lesser apps, Organizer To-Do has unlimited capacity for calendars, to-do lists and grocery lists. A side-by-side feature makes it easy to organize events and to-dos, ensuring your kids don’t end up double booked. The interface is clean, fast and simple on this free app, too.
  • Checklist Mom – While it’s sometimes great to have total control over all your organizational lists, other times it’s better to have a head start. Checklist Mom has predefined options for Event Planning, Travel/Packing, Babysitters, Time Management and Grocery Shopping. If the option that you need isn’t included in the defaults, you can create your own. You won’t go wrong by downloading this free app to your iPhone.
  • myHomework Student Planner – Homework is often just as much of a pain for parents as it is for kids. There are so many classes and assignments, it can be hard to keep track of it all. Thankfully, there is a great free app to help both you and your child stay on top of the workload. myHomework Student Planner helps you track classes, assignments and much more. The app supports multiple schedule types, so your child’s homework needs are covered regardless of the curriculum.
  • Allowance & Chores Bot Free – Apps don’t come much cleverer than Allowance & Chore Bot. You can create chores, schedules and awards on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. If you want your kids to save, use the allowance accumulation and saving features to track their progress. This is a free app, but it is completely packed with features. Best of all, fun graphics help to really get your children involved and enthusiastic about activities and chores.
  • Kidpix: Save Your Kid’s Art – If your kids are artistic, this quirky free app will allow you to create a portfolio of her work. She will have her own artist profile where you can save and frame her work, along with notes to remind her about the inspiration for any particular piece of her after-school scribbles.
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