10 iPhone Apps to Track Christmas Gifts With

When the winter holidays roll around, keeping up the the gifts you’ve purchased, those still remaining on your list and the wish lists of those around you can be a daunting task. Thankfully, there are a slew of applications available for Apple’s flagship iPhone mobile device that can help you streamline the entire Christmas gift tracking process in the App Store. These ten apps can help you track all of your gifts, from the moment they’re added to a wish list until they’re delivered into eager hands.

  1. Gift Track – Gift Track is actually an app that you’re likely to find yourself using year ’round, to keep up with birthdays and other gift-giving occasions throughout the year. With a major holiday like Christmas, however, this $1.99 app truly shines. Tracking every aspect of the gift-giving experience, Gift Track makes it easy to manage the gifts you’ve purchased, the ones you’ve given, and those that have been given to you.
  2. GiftPlanner – Track your gift plans from wish list to delivery with this $0.99 app, which allows you to keep up with stores and purchase status, orders and tracking numbers, links and photos all within one application. You can even send gift you’ve discovered online to your iPhone from the desktop with the bookmarklet feature.
  3. Slice – If you plan to do most of your Christmas gift shopping online, Slice is one of the absolute best ways to keep up with delivery confirmations, tracking numbers and shipment following. The free Slice app can also keep up with all of the receipts in your email inbox, making it easy to find purchase information the moment you need it.
  4. No More Socks: The Christmas List Genius – As the only gift list app to ever score a perfect score on Macworld, the $1.99 No More Socks app is one of the absolute best for planning and managing each and every gift on your list. Not only will No More Socks allow you to track your wish lists and organize them, but also to complete your shopping from within the app.
  5. Gift Stash – The $0.99 gift tracking app Gift Stash allows you to access gift information for years, both gifts that you’ve given and those you’ve received. Select the perfect gifts for loved ones by browsing through the dedicated history to avoid purchasing the same thing you did last year, and never miss another Thank You note again.
  6. The Christmas List – Track your budget for each person on your Christmas shopping list, add your favorite retailers to a pick list and track your gifts by shipping, wrapping and reception status all with this $0.99 app. There are a variety of sharing options and a countdown of remaining shopping days till Christmas, managing almost every aspect of the holiday shopping experience.
  7. MiGifts – Gift List Organizer – Billed as “the perfect gift shopping assistant,” the $1.99 MiGifts app organizes and tracks all of the items left on your Christmas shopping to-do list. Password-protecting the app is also a breeze, helping you to keep your top-secret shopping list away from prying eyes.
  8. Christmas Wrapped US – Gift Ideas & Shopping List – Tracking the number of people remaining on your gift list that you have yet to purchase a present for is easy with the free Christmas Wrapped US app, which will also generate gift ideas for those remaining people based upon their age, gender and the budget you’ve set for their gift. Never fall victim to the last-minute panic again; simply consult Christmas Wrapped for your tracking and gift suggestion needs.
  9. Gift List Budget Shopper –  Determine exactly how much money you’re spending on Christmas gifts with this $1.99 app, which allows you to track people, finances, gift ideas and specific stores, along the the actual amount you’ve spent against a pre-set budget. Gift List Budget Shopper can also be integrated with maps, allowing the app to locate stores that carry a particular gift in your area.
  10. Santa’s Bag – Christmas Gift List – Save information about each person on your Christmas list, like clothing sizes, particular interests and favorite stores for later reference, so that you’re not forced to scramble at the last minute for the perfect gift. You can event track your shopping progress through the Summary of Gifts and Budget data, simplifying and streamlining the process as much as possible.

Whichever apps you settle on to track and manage your Christmas shopping, make sure that you adhere to the rules of the road and refrain from using your iPhone while you’re driving. No boost in productivity is worth the potential losses that could accompany a devastating accident, so be sure that you save your shopping management until you’re not in control of a vehicle.

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