30 Blogs with Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

When it comes to Christmas gifts, buying them is only half the battle. Once they’re purchased you have another hurdle to overcome: finding a creative way to wrap them. If you’re all thumbs when it comes to wrapping presents, don’t worry; there are plenty of ideas to make your gifts stand out from the rest in these 30 blog entries.  From making your own bows to creating package toppers, these bloggers will show you what to do and how to do it.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Options

If you’re looking for a greener way to do gift wrapping, you’ll want to think outside the box.  These green ideas for wrapping presents will look great while keeping unwanted wrapping paper out of the landfill.

Gift Baskets

Check out these charming ideas on how to package your gifts in reusable baskets or other interesting containers.  If you aren’t completely done buying presents for those on your list, these blog entries might spark an idea of what you can buy, as well as how you can wrap it.

Making Your Own Wrapping Paper

Do you want to go the extra mile and create your own wrapping paper, but aren’t sure how?  Check out these 5 blog entries to help you make one-of-a-kind gift wrap.  Not only will your packages be distinct, but you may save money by not buying commercial wrapping paper.

Creating Gift Toppers

Topping packages with a little something extra is sure to make an impression on those that you are giving gifts too.  Your presents will look extra special, and who doesn’t enjoy opening an extra special gift?  Here are 5 blog entries that will help you get started.

Crafting the Perfect Bow

The best way to top off your gifts is by making the perfect bow.  It doesn’t have to be anything plain or boring.  These 5 bloggers have some great ideas and will show you how to make your bow something to be remembered.

Gift Tags

Once you wrap your presents in a pleasing way, you will need to mark which present goes to who.  If you’ve gone to a lot of trouble wrapping the presents, then it’s only fitting that you finish them off with a homemade gift tag.  Check out these 5 blog entries to get inspired to create your own gift tags.

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